Night Bread, summary in English

Nachtbrood = Night Bread

Bread made after long dough-fermentation.

Night Bread is the Magnus Opus from Ineke Berentschot. During the 80’s Ineke was a professional bakers turning in to a home-baker. She set up the website (Who bakes along) and published several opinion articles regarding bread baking. Ineke is primary influenced by the ‘Manna-Bakery’ in Amsterdam and much later by professor Raymond Calvel, who she interview in 1996.

Night Bread, containing 142 pages on the bread making process, was published end february 2014 by Trophonios Publishing. The first 60 pages covers the theory of Real Bread inspired by the words of Calvel ‘Real bread is bread made with respect towards;
The raw ingredients
The process of kneading
The aspects of proving
The technique of baking’

The chapter on proving contains 12 pages devoted to the use of the ‘ancient’ raising agent sourdough, gaining renewed popularity now a days. The whole theory pages are illustrated with pictures of different grains like emmer, einkorn, rye, millet, spelt. These grains where hand-picked by Ineke at Doornik Natuurakkers close to her home in Nijmegen.

The second half of Night Bread is devoted to a range of professional and home bakers. With pride showing their loaves of bread with details on the ingredients and the process of making the loaf. Almost 60 beautifull breads. See for instance Bbrood, Amsterdam, making their luxury loaves with only 0,1% of yeast an 48 hours proving time. Or look at the German BioBakker, making breads of Demeter grains, using predoughs, sourdoughs, brühstücks a.s.o. to make perfect breads even if the gluten content is not so high of some old grains. Or just start as homebaker Miriam with 2 kilo of flour, make a pre dough before leaving home for work, make the dough when you come home, form the breads before dinner, bake them after dinner and fill the fridge with bread for a whole week.

The book is an organic collaboration between the writer, editors and the photo-artist resulting in a beautiful artistic book. Millers have expressed they content with the details regarding different flours. Professional bakers regard it as a complete of reference about the art of Bread making. While home-bakers get inspired to step on to new ground and experiment with their skills in bread making. Rumour has it that Night Bread could be used an official books in schools and public libraries like to add it to there collection.

Night Bread became a magnificent reference book on bread making. Made in the Netherlands but applicable internationally. The motto of the book -‘give dough a change to raise or prove’- is a universal one.

Other about Night Bread:
Jeroen Thijssen, culinair writer Trouw: ‘Night Bread the title of this magnificent book about one of the oldest professions in the world, delivers what it says’
Marie Louise-Schipper, Culinair writer Volkskrant: ‘Ineke has many talents, besides her passion for bread making, writing of books she is also a gifted storyteller.’
Harrie Leijten, Head editor ‘De bakkerwereld’: ‘Ineke, thank you for the inspiration towards bakers in the Netherlands to bake good real bread.’
Bas Gommans, Gommans Real Bakers: ‘A magnificent book.’
Marc Vieten: ‘A splendid book, Night Bread. I live it, simplicity in the details.’
Dr Peter Voshol, scientist Cambridge, UK and semi-professional baker: ‘Thank you for your book Ineke. Exactly the motto I live by during my workshops, Respect and keep it simple.’


Night Bread

ISBN/EAN  9789491728082
Pages  140
Thickth (in mm)    19
Broadth (in mm)  235
Heighth (in mm)  254
Weight (in gram)  964
Way of binding  Hardback
Author  Ineke Berentschot
Illustrator  Ton Bloetjes
Publisher  Trophonios Publishing
Price (in euro)   19,95
Date of publication   20140226

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